Is it Time to Give Your Car Battery a Boost?

We have all left our lights on. Those dreaded mornings as you head to work and there it is in the driveway; your car battery dead. Your automobile’s battery is crucial to start your engine. It likewise shops power produced by the alternator and runs the secondary electric systems such as your lights, radio, power seats, power windows, and additional electrical components in your car. Your vehicle’s electrical system powers every little thing from the ignition and gas systems to accessories such as your radio, front lights and wipers. The electric system is consequently, powered by the engine.

The key is to know when your vehicle’s battery is on its last legs before it dies for good. Beyond the obvious being leaving your lights on while the car is not running there are other things you can look for to ensure the health of your car battery. In order to avoid those very inconvenient occurrences that we have all had to endure at some point in time, here are a couple of quick things you should know about car battery replacement:

  • Your car battery is designed to last for only about two years, if your battery is older than that you are gambling that it will start
  • If you have recently moved to Denton, Texas area from a colder climate your car’s battery may not be rated for our weather
  • If there is noticeable build up around your battery’s posts; that could be a sign of a failing battery.


Take care of your battery:

  • Clean and remove deterioration and add anti destructive defense.
  • Tighten loosened hold-down clamps and terminals.
  • Test battery condition.
  • Inspect the generator waistband tension and wear and tear.
  • Remember to switch off headlights, cabin lights, and the automobile radio when the vehicle really isn’t being used.


If you are concerned about your car batteries health and are looking to purchase a new one you should always look for the following:

  • Be sure the battery is the right size for your vehicle
  • Be sure that the battery that you are purchasing has been on the shelf for less than six months. Ask your service technician or simply read the date code engraved on the top of the battery. The code starts with a digit and a letter; 14 would indicate 2014 and it is followed by a number denoting the month A being January, B being February and so on
  • Be sure that the battery has the proper reserve capacity for your driving style i.e. short trips only requires a larger storage capacity


Should you have any further questions regarding car battery replacement come see us at Honda of Denton service we carry the batteries you need and our friendly service technicians will help you select the correct battery for your Honda vehicle. Check our service & battery specials and rebates.