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Helping Your Tires Go That Extra Mile

Most tires are built to last a certain amount of time but that can change on two very important variables; how you drive and how well you take care of your tires.

How you drive, and its effect on your tires is pretty easy to understand. If you spend your days speeding around Plano or Lewisville and slam on your brakes at every stop sign and red light between Denton and Frisco your tires will take a beating. There is a very good possibility that your tires will not last a long time. No matter how you drive we are here to help you get those tires of yours to go just a little longer.
There are four really easy ways to prolong the life of your tires.

    • Proper tire inflation – Properly inflated tires hold the road more evenly and properly distribute your vehicles weight evenly; providing even wear on all four tires. If you don’t have a tire pressure gauge they are readily available at most service stations at the air pump and are easy to use. You could also purchase one at most automotive stores. If you are unsure what your car’s tire pressure should be you can find it in your Honda owner’s manual, on the sticker on the inside of your car door or is available online.


    • Tire Rotation – Most manufactures recommend you have your tires rotated every 5000 to 8000 miles. Proper rotation ensures even thread wear on all four tires and helps to prevent spot specific extreme wear.


    • Check your tire alignment – a simple pothole can throw off your car alignment. When the alignment is off it creates undue stress on specific areas of your front tires and makes them wear out prematurely. A quick inspection while having your tires rotated by your neighbors at Honda of Denton Service will save you time and money.


    • Tire Tread Inspection – It never hurts to visually inspect your tires at home or at a service center to keep an eye out for trouble spots or uneven wear. Some states even make it illegal to drive on tires with less than their state tread depth requirement so make sure you check the depth gauge or have our friendly Honda service technician take a look.


At Honda of Denton Service we carry most brands of tires & service all makes & models whether it is a regular inspection or an unforeseen repair so remember your friends are just around the corner. Use our online Service appointment to schedule your next service in Denton or check our online special coupons from oil changes to tire discounts.